Production of Fiber Optic Cables

Our motto is „Experience – Quality – Flexibility“.

Experience – We have carefully selected staff with long time experience at designing and manufacturing of fiber optic cables.

Quality – All used materials are subjected to input control. Every production process is finished by measurement of each fiber, complete cables then by complex output-control documented always by Final Test Protocol, which is integral part of each supplied cable.

Flexibility – we are prepared to offer cables according to your needs in the shortest possible term, of course.

We are focused on manufacture of flame-retardant to EN 60332-3 and fire-resistant to IEC 60331-25 loose-tube constructions tested in accordance with IEC 60794-1-2 standard.

Loose-tube cables can contain either one single tube with coloured optical fibers (central-loose-tube = CLT), either multiple tubes (multi-loose-tube = MLT). We use either FRLSZH (Fire-Retardant, Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen) jacketing compounds for indoor or universal (indoor/outdoor) installation either PE (Polyethylene) compounds for outdoor installation as well as other special compounds.

Reichle & De-Massari Czech Republic offers range of cable constructions with increased resistance to mechanical damage (like Steel-Wire-Armoured or Corrugated-Steel-Tape armoured) suitable for direct burial installation.

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