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About us - Reichle & De-Massari Czech Republic a.s.

Reichle & De-Massari Czech a.s. in Děčín develops innovative cable constructions for power and communication applications in data centers, broadband networks, enterprise buildings and other infrastructure projects.

R&M acquired in 2018 the leading Czech Transportkabel-DIXI a.s., founded in 1996 as a premium developer and manufacturer of fiber optic and metallic cables for power and communication applications in data centers, broadband networks, enterprise buildings and other infrastructure projects. It can cater to individual needs and requirements and, in particular, manufactures short to medium-length cables. R&M transfered the whole portfolio R&M Czech Republic a.s. into its global sales and production network and uses the cables from the Czech plant in particular to extend and optimize its own products. They can, for example, be used for manufacturing assemblies and pre-terminated cables.

The plant in Děčín, Czech Republic, mainly produces loose tube cables with singlemode and multimode fibers. The portfolio of cable constructions up to 216 fibers. The range includes cables for the application areas LAN and data center cabling as well as Fiber to the Home and access networks. Safe cables which fulfill the requirements of the highest fire classes are one of the specialties of the new R&M subsidiary as are cables featuring increased protection against mechanical damage when laid directly in the ground.

TK DIXI has been over 20 years in the cable business and is today a key player in the Czech metallic cable market. In 2014, TK DIXI entered the growing fiber optics cable market, started a brand-new production unit in Děčín and is today selling its fiber optic cables to OEMs, distributors and end-users throughout Europe.

Production of Fiber Optic Cables (FOC)

We are focussed on manufacture of flame-retardant to EN 60332-3 and fire-resistant to EN 60331-25 loose-tube constructions tested in accordance with IEC 60794-1-2 standard.

Loose-tube cables can contain either one single tube with coloured optical fibers (central-loose-tube = CLT), either multiple tubes (multi-loose-tube = MLT). We use either FRLSZH (Fire-Retardant, Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen) jacketing compounds for indoor or universal (indoor/outdoor) installation either PE (Polyethylene) compounds for outdoor installation as well as other special compounds.

We offer a range of cable constructions with increased resistance to mechanical damage (like Steel-Wire-Armoured or Corrugated-Steel-Tape armoured) suitable for direct burial installation.

Experience – We have carefully selected staff with long time experience at designing and manufacturing of fiber optic cables.

Quality – All used materials are subjected to input control. Every production process is finished by measurement of each fiber, complete cables then by complex output-control documented always by Final Test Protocol, which is integral part of each supplied cable.

Flexibility – we are prepared to offer cables according to your needs in the shortest possible term, of course.

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