Production of Metallic Cables

Our company was founded in. 1996 as a manufacturer and supplier of technologies, equipment and machines for production of cables and the device for handling the cables. In close connection with the development of equipment for the cable production in 1998 we started manufacturing of special copper cables which we manufacture according to the requirements of our customers. As time went on we were equipped by cable production facilities, which are constantly improving so that we can produce cables in the shortest possible time and quality to meet the needs of our customers.

Our production program is mainly focused on production and development of fire retardant and fire resistant power and communication copper cables with halogen-free design which is environmentally friendly.

Our priority is not only to manufacture cables of the highest quality and according to specific standards, but we are ready to produce the specified cable according to your specific needs and even completely individual technical requirements for the design, all of course in the shortest possible time.

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